Angel Health & Education

Mission:  To empower you to take control of your health by healing your body, mind and spirit which will enable you to have a more abundant life. To provide professional complementary therapies, natural products, organic options, educational events and outstanding customer service leading to the path of healing the whole person.


To inspire, empower and educate people to a new way of living and healing, by;

•     Building:    holistic lifestyle foundations and implementing positive energy healing practices.

•     Fostering:   paradigm shifts in the areas of health, nutrition, yoga, yoga therapy, meditation and energy healing

•     Creating:  new awareness of how energy affects our mind and body, as wells as the effects on our life circumstances

•     Educating: about energy therapies, biologically based theories, mind/body interventions as well as alternative and complementary medical systems.

•     Inspiring you to create your life as you want it to be by knocking down internal barriers to success.

Marti Angel’s  Personal statements:

It is my mission  to empower you to live of life of abundance, peacefulness,  true health and financially spiritual success!  I Welcome you to my yoga healing retreat.  In this retreat I will be working with you to help you achieve your true health, healing and life potential.

I will help you create positive energy to heal your body mind and spirit. I bring to you my deepest passion, which is to help others feel and be their best.

The Energy tools that I use are Yoga, Yoga therapy( mind and body), Reiki, Meditation and Chakra balancing.

The biological tools I use are Metabolic typing Nutrition and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

May this be a new beginning for your health, wealth and success!



Marti Angel


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